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Hurricane Hermine Update – Roof Claims

Tens of thousands of Florida home and business owners have insurance claims for damage caused by Hurricane Hermine.  It is critical that policy holders know their rights. I have litigated thousands of insurance claims on behalf of Florida home and business owners.  Many of those claims have involved claims for roof damage. Almost 100% of… Continue Reading

Major Hail and Wind Storm in Poinciana and Kissimmee

On the afternoon and evening of March 26, 2016 a major hail and wind storm pummeled the Poinciana and Kissimmee, Florida area.  Coincidentally, this was on the 24th anniversary of the catastrophic Central Florida Hail storm of March 26, 1992.  It was that 1992 storm that launched me into specializing in insurance claims for homeowners.… Continue Reading

Hail Damage Lawsuit Filed

My clients purchased a replacement cost homeowners insurance policy.  On July 12, 2014, their roof sustained hail damage.  As in many of these cases, the insurance company hired an engineer to inspect the roof.  The engineer inspected the roof and wrote an extensive report concluding that there was no hail damage.  Instead, according to the… Continue Reading

Another Suit Filed As Result of March 24, 2013 Wind and Hail Storm

As I’ve written before, on March 24, 2013, a severe unnamed wind and hail storm hit the Central Florida area.  The storm caused significant damage to area homes and businesses.  In this case, our clients purchased replacement costs homeowners insurance coverage for their home.  Replacement cost insurance coverage pays the cost of replacement if any… Continue Reading

What to do if Your Roof has Wind or Hail Damage

I have handled many cases where the roof on a business or home has been damaged by wind or hail. Storm damage to your roof is covered under your homeowners and business owners property insurance policy. Many times, the insurance company will do the right thing.  Some times they don’t.  Common strategies to deny claims that I have… Continue Reading

Suit filed for Wind and Hail Damage

On March 24, 2013, a powerful unnamed storm hit our area.  I’ve had 100’s of claims on behalf of policy holders arising out of that storm.  This week, another homeowner came to us because their homeowners insurance company denied another claim for wind and hail damage. As with most of these cases, the homeowners insurance… Continue Reading

Can Homeowners Replace Their Roof During Litigation?

I represent many homeowners and business owners who are suing their insurance company for roof damage from wind or hail.  Many times, the leaking in the house gets so bad that the roof must be replaced during the course of litigation.  My clients frequently ask whether it is ok to replace their roofs during the… Continue Reading

Hail and Wind Storm Hits Oviedo and Winter Springs

On May 20, 2015, a powerful wind and hail storm plowed through the Oviedo and Winter Springs area in Seminole County, Florida.  The storm dropped hail and brought powerful winds throughout the region.  I’ve helped 1000’s of people with homeowners and business owners insurance claims for wind and hail damage to their homes and roofs.… Continue Reading

Jury Victory in Hail Damage Case

Like almost all homeowners in Florida, my clients have a replacement cost homeowners’ insurance policy.  This means that regardless of the age of their roof, the insurance company promised to pay the costs for a new roof if the roof has to be replaced because of hail or wind damage.  (Don’t feel too sorry for… Continue Reading

Lawsuit Filed on Roof Damage Case

My client was at home during a severe hail and wind storm which occurred on March 24, 2013.  She even has pictures large pieces of hail in her hand.  Her roof sustained significant hail and wind damage.  She promptly called her homeowners insurance company to report the claim, and it promptly denied the claim – … Continue Reading