Court Rules that CIGNA/LINA Wrongfully Terminated Disability Benefits of Person with Cognitive Limitations caused by a Brain Tumor

In a recent ruling from the United States District Court District of Nevada, a Judge ruled that CIGNA/LINA was wrong in denying continued Long Term Disability Benefits to Kimberly Brown. Facts of the Case Ms. Kimberly Brown previously worked as a Reservations Manager for VEBA, Inc. In August of 2006, Ms. Brown underwent a surgery … Continue Reading

CIGNA Settlement

Cigna Insurance Company can run but they cannot hide from the Department of Insurance in five states.This time Cigna will have to pay fines in excess of $1.6 million and potentially over $77 million in unpaid long term disability benefits. Watch our …

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Cigna Agrees to Re-evaluate and to Compensate Disability Insureds in the Amount of $77 million

By Gary Bresee
In a wide ranging re-evaluation of disability claims covering its insureds in California, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, Cigna Corporation may pay up to $77 million in past disability income insurance claim…

This Week on DIAttorney.com (02/25/2012)

Disability Blog & Cases:
Assistant Vice President of Meadowbrook Insurance Group files a lawsuit against CIGNA for denied disability benefits claim
In a lawsuit against CIGNA Group, Paul M. and his Massachusetts disability lawyer allege that the in…

This Week on DIAttorney.com (02/11/2012)

Disability Blog & Cases:
CIGNA faces a lawsuit by American Homecare Supply Respiratory therapist for termination of disability benefits
In a December 2, 2011 lawsuit filed in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania,…