By | March 13, 2014

There are many companies that claim to have the cheapest car insurance as well as comparison websites that state that they can give you the most competitive priced. This can make it quite confusing to know how to find the best price.

It is firstly important to understand that comparison websites and brokers make commission on the insurance policies that they recommend. This means that the car insurance companies that they choose form and recommend may not necessarily be the cheapest for you but the ones that pay them the best commission. No comparison website looks at every single possible insurance company. It is therefore better in some cases to go to companies that are not listed on comparison websites. They have no commission to pay and that means that their prices should be lower. This does mean that you will have to do a lot of research though, but you can review car insurance savings tips.

It can seem rather tiresome getting quotes from different places but if you go to several comparison websites that will give you a lot of quotes to start with for very little effort. Then go to some companies that are not listed on them and get quotes from them. It is wise to also go through a cashback site as you could get quite a big sum of money that way. Cash back sites do vary but most car insurance companies are listed on a lot of them. You may get a percentage of what you paid back or a lump sum for using them but this will only be paid if you use the link on the website and have not used that particular insurance company before. It can be a significant amount of money though and make an otherwise dearer company into the one that is the cheapest so it is worth investigating.

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