By | March 17, 2012

Disability Blog & Cases:
Clopay Corporation Customer Service Representative Sues Prudential For The Wrongful Denial Of Long-Term Disability Benefits

An attorney recently filed a federal lawsuit in the Ohio district court against The Prudential Insurance Company of America (Prudential) and Clopay Corporation Long-Term Disability Coverage (Clopay). The Plaintiff, Kimberly G., was employed as a Customer Service Representative at Clopay Corporation, providing her with short-term with Principal Financial and long-term disability benefits with Prudential.

Disability Blog & Cases:
Asurion Employee Files Lawsuit Against Life Insurance Company Of North America For Wrongful Termination Of Long-Term Disability Benefits

A lawyer from Colorado just filed a federal lawsuit in Federal Court of Colorado against the Life Insurance Company of North America (LINA). The Plaintiff, Carl E., was employed by Asurion. This made the Plaintiff eligible and covered by a group disability insurance plan provided by Asurion and administered and funded by LINA.

Disability Blog & Cases:
Court orders Life Insurance Company of North America to pay claimant long-term disability benefits

After failing to pay a LINA disability policyholder his entitled disability benefits the insurance company was forced by a New York court to follow through with its contractual obligations. Curt, a former employee of BorgWarner Morse TEC Inc. received long-term disability benefits under the group insurance policy issued by LINA. LINA later concluded the BorgWarner employee no longer met the definition of disabled under the policy and terminated his benefits.

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